02 May 2013

답장 Read And Get Back To Me

Dear director,

I am Mr.Khaled Rateb of Syria former personal assiatance to late Gen, Daoud
Rajiha, from Syria, due to the war in my country Syria which destroy
everything. I escaped as refugee now.

I don't want you to take my contact to you as a problem and give any
assistance to complete the project to your possession.

I am in Thailand now, i needa a partner in your country, anad considering
your position in your Industry as an experience investor, i decided to contact
you, call me if you receive my message.as I will call you later.

I want you to asist me secure USD6,300,000 to your possession for investment
in your country,

More details will be send to you when I receive your interest response.

please bear in mind this is highly confidential. It remains risk free. and
Kindly be writing to me on my secure private email: ratebjiha@yahoo.com.hk

Thank for your understanding and await for your reply.

Mr.Khaled Rateb (Syria )
My Contact private email: ratebjiha@yahoo.com.hk

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