02 November 2008

famous Sitiawan Biscuit

One of the must ask questions a visitor asks is always " so...what else is there to eat here..., I mean what is special ? Is there anything I can take home to show the folks back home ? "

One of the most famous prized Sitiawan products to takeaway is this little rugged flat biscuit ( or bun ) .

Here are some top recommendations ( from a true local , and a kong piang connoiseur)

This no name shop opposite the Kg Koh Police Station . Opens at night around 11pm and sold out by 9am the following day ! A few rough looking versions from RM1 or so. Our vote as No 1 .
The King of Sitiawan kong piang ( to outstation visitors at least ) . Near the Court Mammoth , Sitiawan. We locals call this version "onion biscuit " , being full of onion stuffings ( with lard ). Extra crispy when hot from the earthern oven. Long Q weekends , so be early !
Ayer Tawar's ( 12 km from Sitiawan) version of the Xtra lard ( a spoonful of them in each !) . In Taman Sentosa ( as you come in from Sitiawan ) visible from the main road.
The other bro-sis trio of Ayer Tawar , a carry forward icon from 40 years ago from their pioneering parents. Main road Ayer Tawar , opposite the Police Station

All should cost fom 60 sen upwards , depending on sizes and stuffings . A really good kong piang should be rough & tough looking (with some broken bits here n there at the edges )

Best when oven hot ! Enjoy !

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