11 September 2008

Sitiawan Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants , a rough guide.

Outstation visitors passing by Sitiawan town on their way to Lumut , Pangkor or just visiting friends here will invariably pop the eternal question " what to eat " . Or whats special ?  

Well , if you are first timers to the place then you are in luck ! There are many fine air cond Chinese restaurants here and one of them behind the Store in the town centre is as good as any for lunch or dinner ( or even 100 table wedding dinners if you please !) .  Ask for their Fuzhou specialties and the Big Guy will be pleased to recommend you a whole list of the pride of the locality.

the above 3 dish meal comprising sweet & sour braised ribs , mixed vegetables ( with glass noodles )  and the famous starchy tofu soup ( with oysters )  for 2 is just an example of the unique items available here , unlikely to be found outside Manjung District.   So enjoy !

Lido Restaurant Hall
52, Taman Sitiawan Maju
Sitiawan , Perak
Tel : 05 - 692 2784

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