03 September 2008

only 500m to the kampung

Kg Koh , the town has a history dating back around 1903 ( or somewhere close enough ). It is a predominently Chinese ( Kutien, Foochow , Hock Chew ) settlement with a disproportionate no of schools and churches, which reveals a little about the thoughts of the early settlers from Fuzhou , China. a century ago.

Pictures show the town boundary just outside the nostalgic
Anglo Chinese School , Sitiawan

Today, it has lost a fair bit of its earlier dynamism as the district growth centre has shifted to the nearby government administrative zone Seri Manjung .

Which is fine if you are reminising about the good old days here when things were slow and the tasty wet & dry flat noodles in brown sauce in the wooden sheds went for only 1 ringgit or so a bowl...
( though you can still find the same but older operators here & there , but now at @RM2.40 )

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