30 September 2008

eating out in Pangkor

You need never go hungry again in Pangkor Island. Food is found everywhere 
 By the roadsides ,  in make-shift stalls/tents and shoplots. 

Inexpensive and fast , like some of these popular items below :

Local Malay burgers ( chilli/tomato sauced style, with fried egg) 

fish nasi lemak ( Malaysia's ultra portable no 1 spicy  rice snack wrapped 
in triangular-shaped newspaper/plastic/banana leaf palm-sized packets )  
and displayed prominently at roadside stalls & 
 at the front of many Chinese restaurants

Pangkor's famous salted marine products , from RM1 onwards
the evergreen Chinese noodles ( souped, fried , braised or what-have-you) and 
the classic chicken rice 

They are abundantly available in multi-versions in the town areas ,
 from RM2.50 onwards
a Western selection  of chicken chops
Horizon Cafe, Nipah bay

...and we haven't talk about the many seafood restaurants here yet...

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