27 August 2008

banana leaf rice, Sitiawan

Indian restaurants are a bit of a rarity as most of you are aware, compared to the other types of restaurants or the ubiquitous fusion cafes that has sprouted up in most new shopping areas.

Hard to find they may be , but who can resist the ambience & unique flavors of the traditional curry houses with their spicy curries and freshly fried meats , all laid out over fresh green banana leaves ?

Here in Sitiawan , the aptly called Home Curry House is a favourite with families, hungry crowds and connoisseurs of the ancient cuisine.
Spacious and airy it is run by a family of cheerful brothers , and should satisfy the casual eater and fussy eaters alike !

Home Curry House
just off the Sitiawan - Lumut main road
tel Viki 017-593 6683

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