01 June 2008

teluk batik in dire straits

Once pristine Teluk Batik near Lumut is now a sorry sight of abandoned/uncompleted structures surrounding it...and on an even more scary note more strange structures are haphazardly on the way up ! The wonderful pictures captured here of the beautiful natural landscape do not reflect the actual state of affairs here as uncollected rubbish/broken fencing/structures lining the beaches is now proving a terrible eyesore , especially after a packed weekend of tidak apathy holiday makers.

a yet unbelievable serene picture of a lone angler overlooking Pangkor Island, taken June 2008

the over-crowded beach during the current school holidays

one of the the more than 10 years abandoned "Istana" on the hillslope near the out-of-action Indoor Snorkeling Park , rotting away

the tourism unfriendly rude sign on the hillslope glaringly claiming the owner's land status

Visit this place soon and see for yourself the still charming albeit ageing & deteriorating beauty and hopefully help bring attention to the right peopke to save the place from further decline !

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Coy said...

Well written article.

my lumut said...

tks and do visit the site often to be in touch with the latest (mis)happenings !