13 April 2008

Taman Paya Bakau

Mangrove Park , Lumut

Opposite the Venice of Perak , some 4 km from Lumut town is a park situated within a mangrove swamp. A heavy duty wooden/concrete walkway lined with plastic educational boards ( depicting some local flora and fauna ) amongst the forest inhabited by a few colonies of the temperamental macaque monkeys will take visitors from the main road to the banks of a river which forms a part of the Lumut estuary.

Venice of Perak

the Park (note an extension , now in progress )

the solid elevated walkway going into the forest

the bored / hungry monkey

one of 2 vantage points overlooking serene Bukit Engku Busu

on the way out ( see more ugly renovations/ additions )

Its strange to see more additions / extentions ( means spending more $$$ ! ) when the existing walkway seems to suffer from a clear lack of maintenance ( broken planks , faded paintwork etc ) and seemingly in dire need of repairs !

Also won't more haphazard development like this cause a further massive drain on the already depleting mangrove forest ?

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