11 April 2008

the Squatter-rising of Teluk Batik

Symptoms are showing of a gradual but sure decline of once pristine natural Teluk Batik , near Lumut. Sore thumbs are appearing where once stood natural beauty.

like this one with a terrible stench , where some workers within treat this little blue square just beside the sea as their squatters complete with makeshift toilets ...believe it or not !

another view of this painful eyesore by the beach

nearby , the rape of the hills continue

another strange development , which is quite like the continuation of the minarets in front

this world's first snorkeling park sufferd a stroke last year rendering it paralysed

and this poorly located/conceived Seashells Museum seems to be destined to the
museum as well !
apparently some ( or all of these projects ) are under the umbrella of the
Malaysian Tourism Ministry
you have to be here on a weekday to feel a sense of terrifying desolation

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